Component brands want UCI to allow disc brakes on road bikes

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Industry commentator Carlton Reid says a consensus of component manufacturers are behind the formal adoption of disc brakes on road bikes which would need to be accompanied by a change of the rules for top level competition.

In a story on the UK trade website BikeBiz posted last night our time, Carlton Reid Bikebiz executive editor spoke to manufacturers' reps among them Charles Becker, category manager for road and triathlon at SRAM, who have already expressed their intention to launch disc brakes in various configurations shortly.

"We'll be supplying road discs for testing by the UCI soon," he told Reid. "Regardless of what the UCI decide we'll be producing the kit for the market. For us it's a safety issue as well as a performance issue. Yes, there are compatibility issues for team and neutral support at pro races but that's not an insurmountable problem. I think the UCI will see sense on this one."

Giancarlo Vezzoli, the engineer in charge of the road disc project at Formula, the brakes brand appearing on the Colnago C59 we featured on Wednesday said, "You may be surprised at how quick the UCI makes the right decision. All the brake manufacturers are united. The UCI will see this is a safety decision, nothing to do with politics."

Meanwhile, prior to a press meeting of the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) held this morning at the trade show, a representative of one major brake manufacturer represented in the WorldTour peloton told road.cc's technical editor, Mat Brett, "We need to be ready to go with road discs just in case the UCI say at any time that they're going to be road legal. But we also know that, equally, the